Garmin Approach G5 Touchscreen A Golf GPS-Gift for a golf player

So you know a man that interested in golf course and you want to give him something but you did not have any idea.Why not give him a  Garmin Approach G5 Touchscreen GPS. For your information Garmin is a well known company that produce navigation and communication devices.

Garmin Approach G5 Touchscreen GPS is navigation device that a player used to measure individual shot distances and show the exact yardage to fairways, hazards and greens.To make it simple if a player want to shoot he can use  Approach G5 to to measure from his distance to the next hole.

 Approach G5 will show the entire hole from tee to green with bunkers,hazards and distance clearly marked so this device really helpful for a golf player.Another this is it has a color display and Approach G5 will allow him ti target specific locations through the fairway too.
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There are 5 reasons why should give Garmin Approach G5 Touchscreen GPS as a gift for him.

1.Light and Waterproof-Weighing in at just 6.8 ounces with batteries and boasting a transflective color 3-inch touchscreen and  waterproof too.

2.Eliminate the Guesswork-The Approach displays and updates your exact position on stunningly detailed, pre-loaded course maps throughout the United States.As you move, Approach automatically updates your position, so you'll always know your yardage. 

3.Easy to Use-Need to measure distances for the next shot? Touch any point on the sunlight-readable display, and Approach shows the precise distance to that exact spot--fairway; hazard; landing area; or the front, middle, and back of the green.

4.Get on the Green
Zero in on the pin with Approach's Green View. Just tap the flag on the map to zoom in on the green--then drag the flag to position it where you see it, giving  more accurate yardage.

5.Add More Courses
Garmin is constantly adding more courses to their map data, as well as updating and improving their course maps for Approach G5. Now with 16,500+ U.S. and Canadian course maps that can be download the latest courses from

You can save more than $ 100.00 if you buy from the .More about the price here .Garmin Approach G5 is a quality golf GPS that you must buy for your love one.

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